A Sensitive Mind

This work doesn’t need a cover page, for it’s not just mine, but it rather belongs to all and sundry. I would like to celebrate an occasion with this work of mine, which is very special to me.

It need not be so since its start by default.

It is made so by will even without its consent.

It is prone to many difficulties and numerous extremities.

It can assume any form, it can take any role spontaneously, for it knows that it’s quite unstable.

It wanders and loiters, seeming to be aimless but is never pointless.

It looks as though it isn’t focussed, but is actually on a blind exile.

It is not aware about the nature of its own exile and for how long it is going to last.

It isn’t lazy at all, it does not know to sleep or rest, it doesn’t care about luxuries, it isn’t bothered about its body’s mundane responsibilities.

It is constantly on a search in order to get itself into incognito, where it usually disguises itself and tunes itself into a mode, it could never dream of.

It struggles, strives and does all the hard work, hardly possessing any expectations in return from the audience, who cheer and fill the ambience with their applause while it performs in front of all of them on a namesake stage while it is in incognito.

It is aware about all those instances of all those stories which clearly narrate about all those ones similar to itself that obtain all the respect and encouragement, but neither coins nor morsels to either feed its stomach or get its shelter.

Yet it is not worried about all of that. But what makes it the most anxious is the anxiousness shown towards it by its parents, who had given it birth and who are concerned about its imminent failure if it proceeds onwards along the path it is gradually going to get abducted towards.

It too knows the consequences it is going to face, when it is going to confront an exile that proves to be much longer than it could ever expect which may lead it to loose itself, forget itself and force itself to thrive into a characteristic dark world, difficult to accept and hard to take.

It knows that it could grow more and more apathetic with the passing time, that turns it grow more evil and more negative. This makes it worse, thus affecting its stage performances even if it were offered an opportunity during its incognito which might go utterly waste.

When this calamite occurs, it would step into its delirium and might even take up vicious habits and erroneous vices, giving it unnecessary fame and irrelevant pride leading it to dangerous addictions which may never leave its company until its very end, thus only adding to its difficulties and hurdles without giving it any concern or pity.

It would then go sick and the painting which it would paint, the works of art it would draw and the literary works its hand would write would grow deep, dark and extremely sharp, piercing every heart that happens to come across its works which does disturb and provoke a plenty of thoughts.

It would then tend to commit all those activities that it would never deny for they would be invariably ambiguous, not giving it at least slight embarrassment or even a single cause for feeling ashamed. But it’s activities do gift all those dialogues for the public to speak, reflect and argue about its very self, abuse its mistakes and critically comment over its deeds by offering really unfavourable reviews.

It does not have any knowledge about how long it is going to last, but it knows that it is very weak, innocent, could be wrongly influenced by anyone and may take up any route without its complete knowledge for it is half asleep, double minded and ever daydreaming.

It does not know how it is going to be saved from its own wrath and curse. But it does know that it could never exist by itself, but actually needs a well wisher, a close friend and a life partner for advising it to mend its ways, for it is nothing but a- SENSITIVE MIND.

It isn’t jobless, but extremely sensitive and much concerned about useless affairs than actually required.


This work is dedicated and is a tribute to all the artists who give their contribution towards creating priceless works, which really deserve a lot more than what they receive. This work sings about the nature of their sensitive, selfless minds which should be taken as a source of inspiration by every emerging amateur artist.

Thank you.

A work by an AmateurWriter,




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